Dance Workshop for Beginners


Dance WorkshopSandeep Bodhanker is a highly talented advocate of Indian art and culture. His current research project is on the history and progression of Kuchipudi Nrityam.

His intense desire to spread the appreciation of the art of Kuchipudi has lead him to devise a series of practical workshops for ease of understanding and enjoyment of the artform.

Dance WorkshopAs well as covering the background history of the dance form, the workshop introduces the fundamental steps, the understanding and importance of the music and word meaning, dance demonstration by Sandeep Bodhanker, and an opportunity for individual practise and expression.

Course outline

  • Brief introduction: The Dance, the Artist & the Students and an introductory memory game
  • Warm-up: 15 minutes stretching in the ancient Indian method of Yoga or Att Yoga
  • Rhythm: Fundamentals and a phrase of steps
  • Music: Rhythmic patterns with singing
  • Expression: Feelings and imagination through the four aspects of the dance
  • Drama: Character involvement and improvisation
  • Scene Improvisation
  • Summary and Q & A session.

The above is an example of subjects covered in a workshop — this structure will be tailored to suit age, ability and time frame. Workshops can be individually programmed from a short 1 hour introduction and right up to a full semester of study.

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Workshops in Brazil January - April 2008

Thoughts on Dance

All types of classical dance are essentially the same — its main aim is in praising the divine, with the same basic components of rhythm & expression, just as all human beings have two eyes, one nose,one heart, and the same rhythm of the heart beat...

Only we human beings have made the dance styles different like we created religions like Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam...

But in truth all the dances are the same and we are all one with no difference between us. And in the same way no one should say that Kuchipudi is greater than Bharatnatyam or Kathak is greater than Manipuiri... every dance has its own style and its own value, and every artist has their own creation".

Sandeep Bodhanker